Who Are We?

Director / Operations Manager

Wills studied construction management with the idea of one day becoming a project manger.

On completion of his degree he quickly learnt that building knowledge and respect from the trades on site, came from time spent on site. Will showed everyone and put the nail bag on. Will qualified with a degree in construction management and underwent a full 4 year apprentice in carpentry. R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Will has trade knowledge and management knowledge which ensures his across all facets of a site build. Just don’t call Will during his smoko break!

Director / Client Manager

Prior to Gabriel attaining his qualification as a Master Builder, Gabriel was involved in the film and television industry in his role as a producer. Gabriel’s experience in dealing with high profile clients and agencies in the industry has enabled Gabriel to fine tune his ability to provide accountable client service.

Now, with 11 years’ experience as a qualified carpenter under his belt Gabriel is able to ensure that Aardvark provide the perfect balance of building knowledge, trade knowledge and customer service to his clients. Couple this with the pride Gabriel has in Aardvark ‘s work and craftsmanship, Gabriel is determined to ensure that his client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We have set high standards for ourselves and on behalf of our clients. We make no apologies for that. We expect the very best from our employees and sub contractors, and we strive to deliver the same to our clients and architects. We believe in the brand and value our clients as just as important. 

Gabriel Thomas & Will Andrea

Gabriel Thomas
Will Andrea